Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ella's Follow-up

Well another day....so last night we saw Dr.Muniz (allergist) he doesnt think its medication.So we think Ella had a grass allergy from Dad mowing Monday night,also she has grass allergens from foods like tomato,watermelon,apples...etc. Everything my little girls loves tomatos from her Papi's garden.So we will stop eating these as of today and see if it goes away.
No hives this morning so that's a good sign.Update later in the week.


Lisa R said...

So did the algery develope over night? She hasalways eaten that stuff right?

I am glad the apt with Brenner went well. Ella is such a stronge little girl.


Jennifer said...

Ella's swollen lip reminds me so much of Corey's swollen "Dumbo" ear! He was bitten by something, and his allergic reaction was unreal. Here are the pics:


Jenn & heart buddy Corey