Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ella's Follow-up

Well another day....so last night we saw Dr.Muniz (allergist) he doesnt think its medication.So we think Ella had a grass allergy from Dad mowing Monday night,also she has grass allergens from foods like tomato,watermelon,apples...etc. Everything my little girls loves tomatos from her Papi's garden.So we will stop eating these as of today and see if it goes away.
No hives this morning so that's a good sign.Update later in the week.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Update after Dr.Brenner

Well we saw our cardiologist yesterday.All is well with her heart she sounds great,her liver is just a little bit swollen but he didnt seem concerned.Yesterday after lunch at Nani's Ella once again broke out in hives after eating a slice of tomato and a ham sandwich with multi grain bread.Both of these normal things she has always eaten.I mean big hives too!So we decided after he saw her to stop all meds and get her to a pediatric allergist right away.
Well in doctor terms anyway...so we go Monday to see Dr.Muniz.Atleast the lips are better now we will work on the hives and see what the weekend brings.Love to all..

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sleepless in Frederick

This morning Ella woke up with swollen eyes, we really did not think much of it at first...As the day moved on Ella was not really acting like herself, she had no desire to swim in the pool with everyone and she had hives all over. She did as for some yogurt so we gave her some, my guess is not that the yogurt cause this reaction but something sure did.

We immediately rushed to the Dr.'s office and spoke to Dr. Brenner many times, needless to say I was in tears....We still do not know what has cause such a reaction I guess it could be alot of different things. I would imagine that I am going to be spending my night making sure my baby is still breathing.... Who needs sleep I gave that up with motherhood right????


Weekly Update

Well we are settling in to our somewhat daily routine now.Ella goes tommorow for blood work and Thursday we are off to see Dr.Brenner (Ella's cardiologist).Hopefully we will get goods news on how she is doing on the coumadin and improvement on the size of her liver.The girls got a visit from Auntie Jen last night,and Mama is going out to dinner with no kids tonight...Yipee!
Will keep you posted as to how the appointments turn out.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

My First Post

This is my first lesson with Lisa this morning.All is well Ella is off with Auntie and Pop-Pop today to do some pottery.Baby Kate is with her Nana. Jason and I are off for some R&R at Castle land to see his cousin Stuart,who is visiting from England.Ella is still whining daily and trying to get her way.Hopefully this will all stop soon..Nikki

Friday, July 27, 2007

Lisa's last Post

Ella just got home from her follow up visit at JHU,stitches are out and her "baby scar"is looking good.Her liver is still a bit in-larged due to post Fontan but is expected to go down.we will remain in a handful of meds. The next 5m Ella well have weekly visits at Hopkins, fun fun huh....Nikki is going ot know Baltimore inside and out by Christmas....

Dr. Brenner has the pleasure of Seeing Both Ella And Tatum next Thursday....Ella is breaking him in early and Tatum is the end to his day Won't he be excited for his two favorite Mom's LOL...

Sadly this is my last post Nik is getting her Blogger Class first thing Sat Morning :) She has tons of pictures to post so Look forward to Sat's post...

there are Hospital pics as well as yesterdays fun finger painting pics with
her aunt Ra-Ra....I hope you all have a wonderful weekend

Lots of Love :)


Monday, July 23, 2007