Monday, July 23, 2007

Home Sweet Home


Chris said...

ELLA, Im so glad that you are home!! Now you guys can relax and have a great summer...then its back to school "Little Missy!"
Love Mrs.Eliff :)

Anonymous said...

Ella, I'm so glad your home. You look fabulous!!! I love seeing all your pictures. Keep up all your hard work! Love, Mrs.Johnson

Sarah said...

YEAH!!! So glad your home!! We can't wait to come and play!!! Love Sarah and her Mom

leah simon said...

oh, that's so great to hear. welcome home!! we've been out of town, but i had rachel's daddy checking the blog to see how things were going. you are all so strong! we can't wait to see you friday...dinner delivery! what sounds good? burritos again? any special requests from the picu princess?

take care,
the simons

Anonymous said...

Yeah Ella!!!! You are one heroic little girl!!!

Tom, DeAnn and Robert

Nancy said...

Welcome home!