Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sleepless in Frederick

This morning Ella woke up with swollen eyes, we really did not think much of it at first...As the day moved on Ella was not really acting like herself, she had no desire to swim in the pool with everyone and she had hives all over. She did as for some yogurt so we gave her some, my guess is not that the yogurt cause this reaction but something sure did.

We immediately rushed to the Dr.'s office and spoke to Dr. Brenner many times, needless to say I was in tears....We still do not know what has cause such a reaction I guess it could be alot of different things. I would imagine that I am going to be spending my night making sure my baby is still breathing.... Who needs sleep I gave that up with motherhood right????



Chris said...
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Chris said...

Poor Ella:( Hope you're feeling better soon! Did the doctor give her any medicine?